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That is where we come in. We stand to ensure that you never have trouble finding a place to stay in Australia. It is not just the dedication with which we do our work but also our varied skillset that make us such a great fit

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Every time that you plan to travel and satisfy your wanderlust, one of the biggest complications to all your ideas are the issues in finding a place to stay. Whatever happens and wherever you want to go, your accommodation will be by far the biggest challenge for your travelling.

Services We Offer.

RNR at Woodgate Beach gives you accommodation from seaside to lakeside and makes sure that you have the most comfortable time while there. For this, we offer you:

Specialized Accommodation

Our specialized accommodation packages are catered to help out anyone from couples to single people to the handicapped to accommodation with a view and everything else. That is what makes us so special. In addition, we also provide special accommodation packages for honeymoons.

Several Amenities

In addition to just special accommodation for your special needs, there is plenty to be had with our services. For instance, you can choose to opt for the dinner and lunch packages and so on. You also get to find amenities like tour packages with guide to take you through entire cities.

Cost Effectiveness

One of the biggest advantages that our programs provide is the cost effectiveness. With our low costs and discount packages, there is never a cost that is too high for you or a room too expensive. Come and find the best rooms with our value for money deals.

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Finding the perfect couples resort

Finding the perfect couples resort

If you are planning a holiday with your lover, you may already be on the lookout for the perfect couples resort. It doesn’t matter whether you are planning honeymoon or simply a romantic getaway with your partner, what actually matters is that it should be a holiday to remember. There are endless possibilities, sometimes so many choices that making a decision can be quite tough.

The following are a few things which can help you decide which couples resort you should plan to stay in.

The location of the resort

Most people enjoy the privacy. However there are resorts which cater to families and they may not be as private as you would like it to be. Always make sure that you consider the location of the resort. There are certain results which attacked away in private islands. These are the kinds of places you should consider if you want to enjoy a quiet and peaceful time away from the prying eyes of tourists. Look for resorts which offer Kristin beaches and turquoise waters so that you get relax and enjoy the sound of the Waves while you sip on a delicious Margarita.

Consider your budget

There are several kinds of resorts and each of these of a different set of amenities at a certain price. always make sure that you have the right kind of budget to live in a resort of your choice. If budget is not an issue you can choose from the most exclusive private little areas which offer luxury living. On the other hand if you are on a budget you can still have the option of choosing resort which offer is you modern accommodations in reasonable prices.

Activities that you can enjoy

If you are adventurous and enjoy water sports you may definitely want to be part of some interesting water activities offered at the resort. There are several activities like fishing, kayaking, snorkeling and boating. There are also special honeymoon packages which are offered on several of these resorts. These would include romantic getaway for two and a host of activities which both of you could enjoy while holidaying. There are also offers on the spa retreats where you could enjoy a couples massage and have a relaxing dip in the warm water pool. What’s more you could even get some relaxing skin treatments or simply enjoy your pedicure while you let the relaxing hands of the pedicurist make you feel comfortable.

There are resorts which offer a cruise option as well. These are small ships which offer a wonderful time paint at the Deck looking at the serenity and beauty of the calm waters. You can enjoy some amazing company, great music and delicious food.

When it comes to choosing a couples resort you should be on the lookout for resorts with an impeccable reputation. Always make sure that you check out the reviews left by the previous occupants antique look at what they have to say regarding the services.

Keeping the above mentioned things in mind would help you find the perfect resort holiday apartments.

Top qualities of great restaurants and bars

Top qualities of great restaurants and bars

Restaurants and bars are places people go to when they want to dine out. The occasional dining out provides the experience of relaxing, unwinding, and enjoying a superb meal in a great setting.

Unfortunately, all the wonderful expectations from restaurants and bars often miss the mark. While there are awesome restaurants and bars, they are, sadly, the form rather than the norm.

Restaurants and bars that up the ante are the ones people flock to when they dine out. Knowing what qualities top restaurants and bars have in common ensures a fine dining experience every time and all the time.

Top-of-the-line menu

People expect the best food and dining experience as soon as they walk through a restaurant or bar. A restaurant and bar that does not compromise on the quality of its food and services will always top the list of returning customers.

Great restaurants and bars are often owned and operated by chefs. A chef-owned restaurant and bar are often found at the top of the bracket when it comes to food quality and taste.

Amazing dining experience

Great food combined with a great dining experience is the top goal of every good restaurant and bar. A spotlessly clean restaurant matched by great service enhances the dining experience of every guest like no other.

Courteous and friendly food servers are another common characteristic shared by the best restaurants and bars. Top-of-the-line restaurants and bars train their staff well for them to become knowledgeable about the food served and the right drinks to complement any great meal.

The prompt food and drink serving as well as anticipating the needs of their guests are the outstanding hallmarks of good restaurants and bars.


Creating the perfect ambience is important when it comes to restaurants and bars. The perfect dining atmosphere is one area where owners of good restaurants make huge investments.

The right mood for dining is set with the right ambience provided by a restaurant and bar. Some of the important factors contributing to make the ambience perfect include background music, proper lighting, decor, open designs, and comfortable seating. All of these things incorporated and implemented in a restaurant helps to make the dining experience unique and enjoyable for all their guests.

Spotlessly clean

Great food, the perfect ambience, and attentive staff can only be appreciated when the restaurant is spotlessly clean as well. Maintaining high standards of cleanliness reflects on the serious commitment from reputable restaurants and bars.

A guest getting sick after eating at a restaurant is avoided at all costs by good restaurants and bars. Cleanliness is not only confined to the chairs, tables, and dining area. A good restaurant ensures that all areas from restrooms, front, and back are kept clean every single time.

House specialty

The house specialty is often the cutting edge provided by top restaurants and bars. For instance, a restaurant focused on serving the best pasta dishes is the thing that attracts diners. Restaurants and bars offering house specialities create a unique niche that will always attract pasta lovers and other diners.

Restaurants and bars could be found anywhere in the world. Yet, the ones that stand out are the ones that are always filled with people. Probably the best yardstick to measure the top restaurants and bars from the rest are the hordes of customers.

Best 5 Spots In Sydney To Enjoy a Weekend Getaway

Best 5 Spots In Sydney To Enjoy a Weekend Getaway

Sydney is one of the many popular cities in Australia that you will find to be present in everyone’s bucket list. It has all the specialities of a popular destination that make a city special and a great spot for a weekend getaway. It has natural beauties, water activities sydney, wild adventure thrills, exquisite local eateries and artistic places that will keep your traveling taste quenched. But you might just become overwhelmed with the numerous places you can visit. Narrow down the places before you decide to go on the trip. Here are some of the best spots in Sydney that might help you narrow your list down.

Blue mountains

Blue mountains is situated at an hour drive and can be considered as one of the most famous natural beauty in the area. You can find a cabin amongst the wood where you can camp up and roast marshmallows while you come up with scary stories to go with the dark. You can go to the national park, hike your way up to the mountains, witness the Three Sisters pinnacles from afar, see various plants at the botanic garden and enjoy a good evening at boutique shops and tea cafes.

Jervis Bay

If you are looking to explore your days at a quiet, summer place and if your weekend getaway can afford a good beach, then you must surely go to Jervis bay. This place has one of the different kinds of sand that exists in white colour, which may be the whitest in the world. Accompanied with the fresh, cool water, you are bound to have a great day of serenity and maybe aesthetic photography.

The Hunter Valley

This place is only situated at a two hour drive from Sydney and is the perfect match for food enthusiasts. Ranging from various exquisite meals to fresh cooked buffets, you will have a delight eating here. Apart from the food, you can also see kangaroos at the zoo, hike, get on a hot air balloon, play golf and tennis and even bike along the country streets.

Kangaroo valley

This little town is as far from the city dust as you can imagine. You will love a quiet adventure with nature as the river runs down the valley, offering an artistic view of the plants and trees. You will spot many different animals, even more than the kangaroo and might find a few pies at cafes to eat while you wander.

Port Stephens

This is a great little town with not only the beach as your great tourist spot but it is quite famous for the dolphin and whale cruises that carry out in various months. You will have a great bunch of restaurants and cafes to visit while you are here for the weekend getaway.

“Not renting a house to the southerners”, Milanese denies accommodation to a girl from Foggia

“Not renting a house to the southerners”, Milanese denies accommodation to a girl from Foggia

A 28-year-old woman was refused renting a house in the Milan area because she was ” southern “. The landlady of the apartment, faced with the threat of publishing the audio, addressed her with phrases such as: “For me, the southerners are always southern, even in 4000, not only in 2000. The southerners, the blacks the Roma are all the same. Look, I’m a 100% racist. ” And, in front of the threat of spreading the audio, the woman would even have replied: “I recommend, write and publish that I am Salvinian, I am with Matteo, with the captain”.

The victim of the episode is from Puglia and lives in Brianza. In June he decided to move to Robecchetto with Induno , in the province of Milan, to stay closer to his partner. After a long search, she finds an apartment and starts negotiations with the owner, a girl her age, until she reaches the draft contract drawn up by the young woman’s accountant. Only the signature is missing.

But the owner began to postpone the signature on several occasions, until she wrote that the decision was made not to rent, but to sell the property in the light of a cost-benefit analysis. When asked for explanations, an audio from the owner’s mother arrives, declaring that she has not rented the house because it is southern.

The truth about renting the house: “Here’s how much the Thirty paid”

The truth about renting the house: “Here’s how much the Thirty paid”

To convince her were the pressures exerted by the leaders of the 5 Star Movement , who had immediately declared themselves foreign to the affair and had invited her to leave the house, assigned to her as Minister of Defense, during the first Conte government.

And the explanations of the Trenta were not enough to convince politicians and public opinion. The former minister, in fact, claimed to have remained in the apartment because her husband , an Army officer, had requested to get one of the same level and had been reassigned that one. ” It’s all regular, ” said the Trenta, which reiterated the concept yesterday, after having informed the husband about the request for renouncement of housing .

But now, in the report prepared for the Ministry of Defense , to answer questions from parliamentarians, another inconsistency arises, linked to the price of the rent . L Thirty, in fact, had declared that the lodging of service cost her and her husband 540 euros a month which, the journalist had pointed out to her during the interview, in Rome is the price of a room for students. But the price, which had already seemed low, would be even lower. According to the Defense report, reported by Corriere della Sera , the figure would actually amount to 141.76 euros : “the monthly fee is 141.76 euros while 173.19 euros are paid for the use of furniture”.

Now it will be up to the investigations , an administrative one initiated by the General Staff and the criminal one of the prosecutor’s office, to determine whether the procedure followed by the spouses has been correct. In fact, a few days would have been enough for the reassignment of the house to the Major of the Army, after the resignation of the Conte government and the consequent exit of the Trenta from the Ministry. The practice, in fact, would have been closed in early October.


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