To convince her were the pressures exerted by the leaders of the 5 Star Movement , who had immediately declared themselves foreign to the affair and had invited her to leave the house, assigned to her as Minister of Defense, during the first Conte government.

And the explanations of the Trenta were not enough to convince politicians and public opinion. The former minister, in fact, claimed to have remained in the apartment because her husband , an Army officer, had requested to get one of the same level and had been reassigned that one. ” It’s all regular, ” said the Trenta, which reiterated the concept yesterday, after having informed the husband about the request for renouncement of housing .

But now, in the report prepared for the Ministry of Defense , to answer questions from parliamentarians, another inconsistency arises, linked to the price of the rent . L Thirty, in fact, had declared that the lodging of service cost her and her husband 540 euros a month which, the journalist had pointed out to her during the interview, in Rome is the price of a room for students. But the price, which had already seemed low, would be even lower. According to the Defense report, reported by Corriere della Sera , the figure would actually amount to 141.76 euros : “the monthly fee is 141.76 euros while 173.19 euros are paid for the use of furniture”.

Now it will be up to the investigations , an administrative one initiated by the General Staff and the criminal one of the prosecutor’s office, to determine whether the procedure followed by the spouses has been correct. In fact, a few days would have been enough for the reassignment of the house to the Major of the Army, after the resignation of the Conte government and the consequent exit of the Trenta from the Ministry. The practice, in fact, would have been closed in early October.