A 28-year-old woman was refused renting a house in the Milan area because she was ” southern “. The landlady of the apartment, faced with the threat of publishing the audio, addressed her with phrases such as: “For me, the southerners are always southern, even in 4000, not only in 2000. The southerners, the blacks the Roma are all the same. Look, I’m a 100% racist. ” And, in front of the threat of spreading the audio, the woman would even have replied: “I recommend, write and publish that I am Salvinian, I am with Matteo, with the captain”.

The victim of the episode is from Puglia and lives in Brianza. In June he decided to move to Robecchetto with Induno , in the province of Milan, to stay closer to his partner. After a long search, she finds an apartment and starts negotiations with the owner, a girl her age, until she reaches the draft contract drawn up by the young woman’s accountant. Only the signature is missing.

But the owner began to postpone the signature on several occasions, until she wrote that the decision was made not to rent, but to sell the property in the light of a cost-benefit analysis. When asked for explanations, an audio from the owner’s mother arrives, declaring that she has not rented the house because it is southern.